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Site news:

14-04-19: Two months ago, Neocities user Soups kindly pointed out that the striped background was a little hard on the eyes, so I tried to fix it. I made the stripes slightly thicker and uhh... I wanted to add a 'stop' button but it proved to be a lot of work for my currently super lazy ass (it's a few lines of jQuery but I don't want to step out of my CSS comfort zone right now) so if you want to stop the stripe animation you can hold your click for as much as your wrist allows you!

11-06-18: The cluttered look stopped being appealing to me, LOL. All the links to other Neocities sites were moved to the links page (which is still under construction).

10-18-18: I figured the main page needed more miscellaneous shit to get the saturated look I love and live for, so I added buttons that direct to my favorite sites in the NeopetsGeocities-osphere. I tried to link to all the sites I follow, but a) not all the sites I follow have buttons, which is a shame and b) some buttons don't work (I DON'T KNOW WHY!!!). I'll try to fix that later on. If you'd like your site to be added here, make it cool enough for me to like, that's all! I might move all of this to the links page if the look stops being appealing to me, who knows.

10-16-18: Finally fixed this piping hot mess! I'd like to thank the folks at districts @ neocities for talking about CSS Grid (which I recommend even if you're not planning on using a ridiculous layout like me) and making me aware of its wonderful existence. That's EXACTLY what I was looking for! It doesn't work on IE or Edge <16, but nobody actually uses those browsers anymore, right? I'd also like to thank my friend Hinanawind who was kind enough to figure out how to make this work. Actually, they were the one who did most of the hard work -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I guess that disqualifies me from being neocities-cool, boo-hoo. Also! I haven't made the layout responsive yet, so it kind of looks like shit on mobile devices. AND, I added a blog. Nithe.

09-10-18: Updated the main page with a proper layout. It doesn't really work on mobile ):... mayyybe if I learn how to do ~responsive things, I'll be able to have a mobile-friendly site?