Proust Questionnaire

This is like one of those MySpace/early Facebook/blog questionnaires, except it's... pretentious, yeah. Heh. If you'd like to fill it out as well, you can find the original questions in this Wikipedia article.

This has no style or proper formatting to deter people from reading it, actually!

spacemako's Proust questionnaire!

Your favorite virtue

My desire to live, live, live, and do whatever I want!

Your favorite qualities in a man

Understanding, decency, sensitivity. Modesty. In my Mental Word Bank, the first word that appeared to encapsulate this idea was 'submissive'... instead of 'humble' lmfao?! WWFS (What Would Freud Say).

Your favorite qualities in a woman

Strenght, determination, focus. Also, a large dose of weirdness. The more strange the woman, the more charming she's to me.

Honestly, I seek these qualities in people of any gender so what-evs.

What you appreciate the most in your friends

  1. They're fucking weird.
  2. They're all very brilliant people and have a great sense of humor and I admire them deeply.
  3. They aren't afraid to recognize that we're all quite stupid and that the best we can do is learn.
  4. If they're not gay, they let me be heterophobic in their presence!
  5. They're incredibly tender and considerate of me.

Your main fault

My tendency to be hyper-critical of everything under the sun, ESPECIALLY of myself.

Your favourite occupation

As frustrating as both activities are, I like drawing and studying. I mean, I find the latter thing genuinely cool, I don't just mean to come off as a pretentious fucker! When I'm doing any of those, I feel like I'm doing something meaningful.

Your idea of happiness

Stability (economic, psychological), all my loved ones are alive and we all have enough free time to pursue our interests.

Your idea of misery

Not being acknowledged.

If not yourself, who would you be?

Honestly? I don't like this question and I can't imagine being another person besides myself, even if sometimes I don't like me very much.

Where would you like to live?

In the city! I already live in the city, though... In a decent city.

Your favourite colour and flower.

I love EVERY goddamn color. I tend to pick out pink, yellow and blue things, though. I don't know much about flowers but uhhhhh... I like extravagant flowers like chrysanthemums and hydrangeas. Water lillies are very pretty too... and tullips!

Your favorite prose authors

I have never read any book... reading is for losers. Who the fuck even is Proust?!

Serious answer because I'm in the mood: I can't pinpoint any favorites because it's difficult! Whoever writes a story that is engrossing, more or less philosophizes and drops #trufax every other paragraph AND gives detailed psychological portraits of the characters wins me. A lot of authors fall into this, so, cool, they all count as favorites I guess. Honestly, even this loose rule has exceptions: for example I really like Nabokov's Pnin, and would count it among my favorite literary works, but FUCK Ada or Ardor in the ass.

Your favorite heroes in fiction

Oh fuck, probably some suffering man from a Russian Classic Novel. Or that guy from Les Miserables... Jean Valjean? See, I haven't read that shit in years, so I can't even recall his name properly. Anyways, I identify A LOT with suffering men and their plights might as well be my own. I must have the soul of some hyper-analytical, miserable loser man.

Your favorite heroines in fiction

The most SELFISH and CUNNING of them all. Like Mme Bovary or Naomi, from Tanizaki's Naomi. AND MITSUKO, FROM TANIZAKI'S QUICKSAND. I THINK ABOUT HER DAILY. Or Nana!!! From Zola's Nana. Damn, if her name appears in the title and she's kinda evil, I'll probably like her. Let's see... Literally all of these fictional women ruined lives, huh. I'm not even gonna comment on the fact that all of them were written by men too, and that they might reflect misogynistic Feelings. Whatever, I enjoy these characters and kind of celebrate their Evilness. Bonus if they're laced with homophobia or biphobia, like Mitsuko.

Umm, strong, smart women like Jane Eyre are nice too (I'M JUST MENTIONING HER BECAUSE I READ THE BOOK RECENTLY AAAAGH). Anyways, I like women protagonists as long as they're not a) shallow fanfic pussies (most YA/~Fifty Shades-adjacent protags) b) a not so thinly-veiled reflection of a male writer's desires: the quiet, the virtuous, the Sexay Bombshell, the girl-who-reads and knows life's syntax, whateverthefuckelse. Boringgggg. I much prefer to read frustrating characters.

Your favorite painters and composers

Do you think I ever consume art? Wrong. I do not enjoy anything, actually.